We will find the fastest and cheepest solution:

  • We will set up your Salesforce, without programming
  • We will teach your administrators how they can continue to edit these parts themself
  • We will set up necessary reports


We will reach significant improvement within days

  • We optimize code and configuration
  • We wil simplify data model
  • We will shorten the deployment process
  • We will speed up internal development

New application development

Do you need a made-to-measure application?

  • We will develop for you Salesforce or mobile application made-to-measure
  • With your team involvement we will implement and hand in applications including all documentation

Team leasing

You can outsource according to your need:

  • We will supply the missing Salesforce administrators
  • We will provide professional IT developers


It can be cheap even without programming

  • We can supply both distant and direct support
  • We can provide basic user support L1
  • Application support L2
  • Or fast solution of problems from L3 professionals


We will transfer our knowledge to your team

  • We will train your specialists and new employees
  • We train both Salesforce administrators and developers
  • We will set the monitoring processes and notices/warnings