About us

CleanUp Cloud s.r.o.

CleanUp Cloud s.r.o is a young and dynamicaly developing Czech company with home and international experience.

We build on enthusiasm for effective solutions and joy of success of our clients when realizing their dreams and visions. We profess a system approach, fair long term relationships with clients, colleagues and all stakeholders.

We bank on the constant improvement of our know-how and creative processes, that bring very effective solutions in places where others fail. We don´t desire to be the best at everything, but certainly we want to be the best in what our clients value the most


The founder and owner of the company is Martin Schὔtz, who has vast experince with development in Salesforce. He encountered Salesforce for the first time during its implementation in Moneta Money bank seven years ago. Given his enthusiasm for Salesforce, he felt he could no longer remain in the finance field and his career continued on projects as a senior programmer abroad. After gaining experience in companies such as MSD and NN, he decided to found his own company CleanUp Cloud s.r.o., that specializes in development and optimalization of applications on platform Salesforce.


Project Lead Management, Multi-Calendar and Activity Management

Within the Lead Management project we required interconnection of the contact centres, campaign team and commercial service. During our discussions with suppliers we encountered problems of high costs and the necessity to tailor the program to Salesforce . The company CleanUp Cloud s.r.o. has shown us a unique approach – to manage many of these requirements through simple configuration at our side and the only thing we had to program was multi-calendar that interconnected times of advisors and entering meetings on the side of call centres. Our very specific requirements to the calendar were resolved constructively, to the satisfaction of all project stakeholders.